An Evening with a Jaguar F-Type

Hello everyone, Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’m really bad at consistency but really working on it before the near year starts so I can keep the ball rolling. I have a few personal projects coming up and need to get back on my grind! So yesterday I had the pleasure to shoot … Continue Reading

Vlog Episode 003 / Skydive / Surprise 30th Birthday

On this Episode. Taking place on May 9th – May 13th Alyssa and I stay at an Air Bnb in North Park, She takes me sky diving for my 30th birthday and surprises me with a birthday get together with our close friends! I’ve always wanted to do music but never felt comfortable.  I shamelessly … Continue Reading

Vlog – Ping Pong / Creative Mornings

Vlog #2 is here! This vlog is compiled of almost 2 weeks after the first vlog coming back from LA. I have been spending a good amount of time at WeWork. It’s a co-working space. They have a ping pong table and I have fallen in love with it. You can say it’s my new … Continue Reading

Vlog – LA and Desert X

Recently sat down and asked Alyssa, How can we collaborate and do something together? After a few days talking about ideas, We decided to just adventure like we normally do and start documenting. As you probably know, and if you don’t, I’m not much of a writer. I can tell stories with my photographs and … Continue Reading

Cotija Michoacan, Mexico

After 8 years of not visiting my hometown, I finally made my way down to Cotija de la Paz Michoacan, Mexico. Where I was born and grew up till I was 7 years old and migrated to what I now call home, San Diego, CA. Cotija is a small town where everyone knows everyone. Almost … Continue Reading

Joshua Tree Look Book

In late October, I collaborated with a few awesome creatives from San Diego and this is the outcome of that. A look book showcasing the works of clothing, jewelry, hair and make up by these talented individuals… Enjoy Clothing by The Daisy Hoard Jewelry by Nomad West Photography by The Empress Make up by Daja … Continue Reading

Butler by Lord Wallington

Linked up with Lord Wallington again to shoot another visual for them. Butler by Lord Wallington is a home and lifestyle concierge service for successful professionals in downtown San Diego